Am a newbie to the world of scent and cologne. What I write is seeming part essay and part critique. I am a guy that works mostly as an actor in independent & small films, with scent smelling as a hobby.

I've been sampling and trying many scents during this past year, that I've started this blog to get all of the things swirling in my head and nostrils out a bit.

Have been reading up on it, really like the books by Luca Turin and Chandler Burr that I've come across. Have been delving mainly into trying independent perfumer's work from the USA. I find I like their work more than a lot of the colognes that are mass produced. Though there's some great one's there too.

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If I write a review about any free product samples I receive, this will be noted (That's if I write about it). Any changes to this'll be noted.

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